Igniter - Trojan Android Client
IMPORTANT: Please report bugs here: https://github.com/trojan-gfw/igniter/issues Trojan(trojan-gfw) is an unidentifiable mechanism that helps you bypass Internet censorship. Igniter is an open-source client with the official implementation of Trojan. Features: * Transparent proxy with VPN service * Exempting Apps and Websites from VPN * Build-in GEO Domain/IP database * Quick setting tile * Simple, efficient, fully open-source Source: https://github.com/trojan-gfw/igniter NOTE: This is just a client software. To use it, a Trojan server is required. To deploy your own server, follow: https://trojan-gfw.github.io/trojan/usage NOTE 2: If you encounter any issue, please force-stop the running igniter app, clear all data and cache, uninstall it, do a hard reboot (a.k.a. power off your device and power on) then install the new